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Coffee & Baileys

Prix d'origine 162,00 kr - Prix d'origine 1.050,00 kr
Prix d'origine
162,00 kr
162,00 kr - 1.050,00 kr
Prix actuel 162,00 kr

Crisp chocolate tart shells filled with Bailey's caramel, cacao nibs and brownie. Topped with coffee meringue

Packed in boxes of 6, 20 or 50 pieces.

Size - 4cm in diameter

Handling our cakes with care is essential to ensure that they arrive at their destination intact, and looking as delicious as they did when they were first prepared. We recommend that you don't transport larger quantities of cake by bike.

Be mindful of temperature. Cakes are sensitive to heat and humidity. Avoid direct sunlight and hot car journeys.

This is a custom product allergy inquiries, please contact us by email. which is not sold in our shop, so must be pre-ordered in advance via our online webshop.

For allergy inquiries, please contact us by email.