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Our småkager menu changes seasonally, and there are always 8 flavours in the selection.

If you'd like to hear more about which flavours we have in store at the moment, drop by the shop or send us an email.

Current Menu
Fastelavn, Cream puff, fastelavnsboller, byens bedste fastelavnsboller, Copenhagen pastry shop, Copenhagen cakes

Cream puffs

Watch this space for our upcoming Fastelavn selection.

A firm favourite, our cream puffs are available seasonally.

During the warmer months, they're topped with fresh local berries.

Meringue tart, Copenhagen pastry, Copenhagen meringue, Copenhagen pastry shop


From our classic lemon and sea buckthorn meringue tart, to decedent chocolate tarts filled with passion fruit and salted caramel.

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Our salted caramel brownies are always a hit, and a permanent part of the selection.

You'll always find at least one other option in the selection - whether almond cakes topped with berry curd or hazelnut cakes topped with passion fruit.

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