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Småkager in brown boxes from Leckerbaer

Reinventing the Danish Butter Cookie

Each day at Leckerbaer, we bake and deliver our signature cakes across Copenhagen, for events and companies. At our shop in Østerbro, you can also take cakes to go or sit in our cafe to enjoy a coffee and cake.

What's New?

  • Cream Puffs are Back!

    Cream Puffs are Back!

    Introducing our new cream puff! Choux au craquelin, filled with silky smooth vanilla cream, tart yuzu lemon curd and soft Italian matcha meringue. Finished off with a dusting of matcha powder.   

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  • Autumn Små Kager

    Autumn Små Kager

    The arrival of Autumn means that some new seasonal flavours have joined our classic selection!   The classics: Passion fruit, almond and meringue Milk and cacao Raspberry and white chocolate   Seasonal: Cardamom, vanilla and yuzu Liquorice, cherry and ruby...

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We offer several solutions depending on your party size, and cake wishes

Lemon meringue tart


"Leckerbaer is a gourmet cookie, pastry and coffee shop in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen. The couple behind the sweets are Michelin chefs Jakob Mogensen and Gabi Bär Mogensen."
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Secret København

"This Bakery Sells Innovative And Addictive Danish Cookies And We’re Hooked ."
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Elle Danmark

"Fastelavnsbollen kommer i flere og flere afskygninger, og det er også tilfældet hos Leckerbaer på Østerbro, hvor de frem til fastelavn byder på fire forskellige små af slagsen lavet af vandbakkelser med craquelin."
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Handcrafted Danish Butter Cookies