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Pastry shop Copenhagen

Leckerbaer - establised 2014

Leckerbaer was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Jakob and Gabi Bär Mogensen - we both have extensive experience from the European Michelin-restaurant scene. With a shared passion for pastry, we decided to open our very own shop, in 2014 - located on a small street in the charming neighbourhood of Østerbro.
Pastry shop Copenhagen

The danish butter cookie

Inspired by how New Nordic cuisine has explored the history and terroir of the region, we set out to make something local and relevant. That is why we took the butter cookie as our point of departure.
Since then, we have added more baked goods to the selection, all of which are made with the same sense of flavour, craftsmanship, and quality. That is our way of honoring the Danish tradition of great pastry and elegant design.


In 2020 we opened our first shop in Singapore. Now we are located in Orchard Road, Keong Saik, Mandai Bird Park and soon we can reveal our next location.