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Customised mini tarts

Original pris 800,00 kr - Original pris 3.500,00 kr
Original pris
800,00 kr
800,00 kr - 3.500,00 kr
Nuværende pris 800,00 kr
Inkl moms

When the order is placed, we will contact you regarding flavours and artwork.

Our customised mini tarts feature a crafted edible representation of your chosen logo made in white chocolate.

The cake itself can be matched and decorated to match the colours, details, and branding elements of your logo, making it a unique and personalized centrepiece for special occasions or corporate events.

Handling our cakes with care is essential to ensure that they arrive at their destination intact, and looking as delicious as they did when they were first prepared. We recommend that you don't transport larger quantities of cake by bike.

Be mindful of temperature. Cakes are sensitive to heat and humidity. Avoid direct sunlight and hot car journeys.

For allergy inquiries, please send us an email to info@leckerbaer.dk